The Unico System®                       
Small Duct Central Heating & Air Conditioning

What We Do For Homeowners
Whatever your home's style, The UNICO System is the perfect fit. A superior central heating and cooling system with its innovative “aspiration” technology, warms and cools your house evenly and quietly. Our revolutionary flexible small ducts weave through the smallest spaces – ceilings, walls, even floors – so there is no need for costly, messy renovation.

Quiet Performance
The UNICO System outperforms conventional heating and cooling systems by utilizing a patented high velocity stream of air. This air is delivered quietly and seamlessly into the room using our 2” or 2.5” outlets or the 8” x 3/4” slotted diffuser.

Quiet Operation
Supply tubing is made of spun-bound nylon, wrapped in sound-dampening insulation for ultra-quiet operation.

Smaller Main Air Plenum
At typical 10” and 7” sizes, UNICO main air plenums are 66% smaller than conventional supply trunks. UNICO fits 12 nominal tons in the same built space that a 3 nominal ton conventional system requires. UNICO not only provides greater comfort, but more available built space for the end user.